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time_taken's Journal

Rosette Christopher
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Character Name: Rosette Christopher
Series: Chrno Crusade
Version: Manga
Timeline: At the end of volume 6, when Rosette and Chrno enter the portal to Eden
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Human
Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: Rosette is a robust young woman, standing about 5’5”, with bright blue eyes and an even brighter smile. Shoulder-length blonde hair is pulled back into twin ponytails at the top of her head and allowed to fall free below that. She wears a blue habit with thigh-high leggings and sturdy boots. Twin guns rest in holsters at her hips, as well as the components for a holy seal.

Personality: Rosette is a very strong, very bright young woman. Most any problem she comes across can often be solved through optimism, sheer tenacity, and a little creative bending of rules – so long as she kept at it, she’d find a way through it. She has only just recently discovered that some things can’t be fixed this way. Though she remains lighthearted, she also has a very solemn, very mature side, a product of both events she’d witnessed four years prior and recent happenings. Through everything, her strength and determination has remained – she will do anything to take care of the people she loves, including putting herself in harm’s way in order to keep them out of it.

Abilities/Strengths: Rosette is emotionally strong, damn stubborn, and very resourceful. While she has her weaknesses, it takes quite a lot of battering to break her, and she won’t give up on anything she believes in. She may not have the most orthodox of methods, but set her a task or give her a goal and by God she will get it done. This combination of traits has been what allowed her to keep going through all of the difficult times in her life.

So far as fighting abilities go, Rosette has received combat training as an exorcist with the Magdalene Order. She has basic training in hand-to-hand combat and will rely on it when she needs to, but is far more skilled with a gun (specifically a Colt .45 automatic).

Weapons: Rosette fights with twin guns, Colt .45 Automatics modified to have a small grappling hook between the barrel and the trigger. She uses two different types of bullets (in addition to regular bullets) with different degrees of strength: the Sacred and the Gospel. The Sacred is a bullet filled with holy water instead of an explosive charge. Made for slaying demons and creatures of darkness, it will cause several times as much damage hitting these targets than it would striking normal humans (against whom it would cause about the same amount of damage as normal bullets). The Gospel is made of alchemically enhanced steel, with holy energy sealed into it at the base level. This makes it exponentially more powerful than the Sacred, and a Gospel will quite literally create an explosion upon impact. While more effective against demons, this explosion tends to decimate whatever stands in its path, human or demon alike.

In addition to her guns, Rosette’s other weapon is the seal she keeps in her holster. Comprised of four cross-shaped stakes, when activated it traps whatever is within its boundaries and, should whatever it catches be of unholy nature, exorcises it.

Weaknesses: Rosette tends to rush into situations blind, relying more on sheer luck and improvisation than precise planning to get her through any problems she may encounter. Her stubbornness sometimes doesn’t allow her to see another point of view or another way of doing things, often making situations worse than they need to be. Her protectiveness can also be used against her, pulling her into very dangerous situations in order to keep someone she cares about safe.

While a persistent and creative fighter, Rosette is by no means an extremely skilled one. (Quite simply, she’s lucky and she’s good, but she’s not that good.) She can easily be taken out by somebody with more speed or strength than her, and as a sixteen-year-old human girl, once taken out she will most likely stay out.

Her weaponry is also far from infallible. Sacreds are more powerful than normal bullets, but not by much: stronger demons can shake one off a hit from a Sacred as though it were nothing. The Gospel is meant to take out a larger target and is definitely not built for precision shooting. It is difficult to aim with any fine degree of accuracy and can be dodged, or even blocked by a strong enough entity. A seal may not completely exorcise whatever is within it, and it is possible to break one by destroying one of the components.

History: Rosette and her younger brother Joshua were orphaned at young ages (eight and seven, respectively) and sent to live at the Seventh Bell orphanage in Michigan. There, Joshua’s illness (a disease of mysterious cause that he has had all his life with symptoms similar to a horrible bout of the flu) worsened, while his healing powers strengthened. Because of his illness, and because he is the only family Rosette has left, she was always protective, to the point of being overprotective, of him. That was why, when the Magdalene Order heard of his powers nearly four years later, she would take him out to the surrounding woods or lake whenever they came to visit – she knew that, given the chance, the Order would take her brother with them and would in all likelihood leave her behind at the orphanage.

It was during one of these “escapes” that both Rosette and Joshua fell through a loosened patch of forest earth and landed in what looked to be an underground mausoleum. Looking for a way out, they came across a pair of stone doors, behind which lay a coffin and a child-sized demon who introduced himself as Chrno. Rosette’s kind heart and outgoing personality soon made him the friend of both her and Joshua.

Unfortunately, the happy summer days they spent together were not to last. Joshua made the decision to join the Order on his own, sending Rosette running down into the forest to meet Chrno with nothing but a lantern and her own fears and doubts. Instead of the reassurance she was seeking, the situation simply turned worse. One of Chrno’s old partners in crime, Aion, turned up with a proposition for him: If Chrno would join Aion once again, Aion would give Chrno back the horns (the very source of a demon’s power) he had taken from him fifty-four years before. Chrno flatly turned him down, choosing the life had then to the life he’d had before.

Aion simply shrugged off the refusal and turned to his backup plan: he gave the horns to Joshua instead. Joshua, whose sickness had recently taken a turn for the worse, was coerced with promises of strength to combat the weakness he’d experienced all his life. Unfortunately, the human mind is not equipped to handle the influx of power that comes with demonic horns, and Joshua was no exception. He lost what little control he had and, in front of Rosette and Chrno, released the latent power of the horns: the power to freeze time. As the epicenter of the power, Joshua was spared and later taken away by Aion. Only through Chrno’s efforts were he and Rosette saved from the effects of the blast. Chrno then explained to Rosette the power of a demon’s horns and through Rosette’s insistence, made a contract with her. When the seal of the contract (in the shape of a pocket watch) was released, Chrno would be able to draw power directly from Rosette’s soul. The obvious drawback to this is that Rosette’s life would be shortened in direct proportion to how much power Chrno used.

Rosette and Chrno were then taken in by the Order, she as a Sister and he as her partner and a special case. They have spent the last four years learning to fight demons and to work together, all in preparation to hunt down Aion and get Joshua back.

After finally receiving permission to do so (as well as receiving information that Joshua is in California), they make their way across the country in an attempt to find him. Disaster after demonic disaster occurs as they travel towards the west coast: the train they were traveling on is attacked in an attempt to kidnap Rosette (they later discover that Aion believes he needs her to stabilize Joshua, who is becoming less lucid daily), demons pursuing Chrno in order to punish him and the other Sinners for their crimes against Pandemonium (the demons’ home world), and finally Aion decides to show himself. Joshua, who has traveled with him, fails to recognize Rosette and ends up shooting Chrno point-blank with a Gospel. Chrno goes berserk, breaks the seal, and attacks Aion in a fit of rage. One of Aion’s allies redirects that rage onto himself, and Chrno fights him, leaving Rosette lying on the ground, losing life and in pain. It is only after he snaps back to his senses that Chrno realizes he’s hurt her and leveled a good portion of San Francisco in the process. The aftermath of the situation leaves Aion free to escape, Rosette taken off her duties, and Chrno temporarily sealed.

With the help of Father Remington, the member of the Order who had first discovered Joshua and his powers, Rosette and Chrno were freed to continue to search for Joshua and Aion. In an abandoned house the Order had overlooked, they found a portal to Eden, Aion’s ship. They stepped into the portal, intent on finishing things once and for all, and when Rosette next opened her eyes she found herself into a room facing a hologram of the man she would come to know as the Announcer. She had been pulled into the world of Unreal.

[This is a RP journal played by yamikonumber7 for unreal_rpg. Rosette Christopher and Chrno Crusade belong to Daisuke Moriyama. Any resemblance to other people or events, whether real or fictional, is coincidental and unplanned by either player or game moderators.]